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Cement additives

Cement additives are foreign names, and both domestic cement additives and cement admixtures refer to cement grinding aids. Cement additives are chemical additives that improve the grinding effect and performance of cement, which can significantly increase the output of cement mills and the strength of cement at various ages.

Cement additives can greatly reduce the phenomenon of electrostatic adsorption and ball formation during the grinding process, and can reduce the re-agglomeration tendency of the ultrafine particles formed during the grinding process, and reduce the phenomenon of over-grinding.

Cement additives can also significantly improve the fluidity of cement, increase the grinding efficiency of the mill and the efficiency of the powder separator, thereby reducing the energy consumption of grinding. As a chemical activator, cement additives can improve the distribution of cement particles and stimulate the hydration activity of various mixtures, thereby increasing the early and late strength of cement.

The mistake is to say that the process additives for cement production are added as additives during application.


Generally, the mixing amount is one-thousandth to three-thousandths, the cost of ton cement is 3-5 yuan, and the cement cost can be reduced by about 5 yuan.


The main components of cement additives include: polymeric polyol, polyetherolamine, triethanolamine, calcium chloride, sodium chloride, diethylene glycol, triisopropanolamine, ethylene glycol, molasses, urea, glycerin, etc.

Common statusedit

Common cement additives include liquid and powder (solid), both of which can significantly increase mill output, improve product quality, or reduce grinding power consumption. The cement additive in the wet grinding process is also called: dispersant.


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