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What we use concrete admixture pce for?

Concrete admixture pce is widely used in ready-mixed concrete, bridge/road construction, high-speed railway and other construction fields.And I would like to introduce it as below:

1.Definition of concrete admixture pce

Polycarboxylate high-performance water-reducer is the third-generation high-performance water-reducer developed after the first-generation ordinary water-reducer represented by wood calcium and the second-generation high-efficiency water-reducer mainly represented by naphthalene series. It is a new type of high-performance superplasticizer with the most cutting-edge technology, the highest technological content, the best application prospects and the best comprehensive performance in the world today. The product has a series of advantages such as large water reduction, high slump retention, high reinforcement, low shrinkage, low alkali content, safety and non-toxicity, etc., which can significantly improve the comprehensive performance of concrete and improve the quality of the project. It has increasingly served major domestic projects. Especially suitable for high-strength concrete, self-compacting concrete, and anti-cracking and anti-seepage.

What we use concrete admixture pce for?
polycarboxylate based superplasticizer

2.The developing of concrete admixture pce

With the continuous development of our country’s social economy, there are more and more types of concrete products, so higher requirements are put forward for the quality of building concrete construction. At present, concrete admixture pce are mainly developed in the following directions:

  • Multifunctional concrete admixture pce are widely used. With the continuous improvement of the strength requirements of concrete in the world, multi-functional admixtures have been widely promoted in different industries in various countries. Among them, as a high-performance admixture, the composite multi-functional water-reducing agent has an obvious water-reducing effect and can meet the requirements of high-strength concrete production, so it greatly improves the economic benefits of the project.
  • There are many varieties of concrete admixture pce. People have studied high-performance water-reducing agents for many years, but they are only limited to high-strength and high-durability, so it is necessary to strengthen the research and development of new varieties of new materials and new processes, so that the varieties of high-performance water-reducing agents can be more diverse. Under the situation of meeting the modern economic development, it has promoted the wide promotion and application of high-performance concrete admixture pce, and also complied with the development needs of the contemporary construction market.
  •  Reduce the production cost of water reducer. In the production of high-performance water reducer, the production cost saving goal has been realized, and unnecessary consumption and waste have been reduced. At the same time, industrial waste can also be used to research and develop the production process and formula of water reducers to produce high-quality and low-cost high-performance water reducers and enhance the competitiveness of water reducers in the admixture market.
  • Strengthen the research on the method of adding high-performance water reducing agent. After experimental research, it is found that the selection of the mixing method and mixing time can greatly improve the efficiency of the production of high-performance water-reducing agents, and is conducive to the performance of high-performance water-reducing agents. This will not only ensure the quality of concrete engineering construction, but also It can improve the overall efficiency of the project.
  • Continuously improve the admixture standards. At present, with the continuous increase of the types of concrete admixtures in my country, the requirements for the standards of admixtures in various industries around the world are also getting higher and higher. Therefore, in the process of using high-performance concrete admixture pce, it is necessary to formulate a comprehensive use specification system, put forward higher requirements for the use and process of new concrete admixtures, and at the same time use them in accordance with national norms and standards to promote the use of admixtures in various countries. The market is more regulated.

Summarize of concrete admixture pce

With the increasing variety of concrete superplasticizers in my country, high-performance superplasticizers have obvious advantages as a commonly used concrete admixture. At present, high-performance water-reducing agent, as an admixture with high water-reducing rate, good fluidity and good stability, can effectively ensure the quality of concrete construction. concrete admixture pce.

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