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Plant Construction Plan

Introduction of Dongke PCE Production Plant Construction Plan

A major breakthrough of Dongke Group in 2019 is to successfully help European customers build factories. After more than a year of research, planning, and plan conception and improvement, we finally successfully helped European PCE customers to establish their own PCE production lines in 2019.

At present, focusing on the upstream, directly purchasing raw materials, and producing PCE on their own has become the development trend of the world market.

If you have been using water-reducing agent mother liquor products and the amount is huge, then it is recommended that you consider building your own PCE production line, directly purchasing raw materials, and producing it yourself.

Our Dongke Group will provide you with a full set of one-stop services:

  1. Complete production equipment
  2. All raw materials supply (including monomer and various small materials)
  3. Production formula
  4. Technical guidance
Plant Construction Plan
Plant Construction Plan

Our advantages are:

  1. We have a precedent for helping European customers successfully build factories
  2. Relying on Dongke Group’s 15 years of PCE production experience, escort your entire production process
  3. Relying on the scientific and technological research and development strength of Dongke Group, continuously obtain international cutting-edge technology
  4. From raw materials, to equipment, to technical support, to provide you with one-stop service
  5. Our solution can greatly save production costs for you and improve production efficiency

The equipment we currently provide has the following advantages:

  1. Reactor capacity: 5 tons and 10 tons, for your choice.
  2. The material of the reactor: PP resin and stainless steel for your choice
  3. Intelligent equipment, simple operation.
  4. The device operating system can set the language according to customer requirements, such as English, Russian.
  5. The production formula is set in the equipment in advance, after the equipment is installed and debugged, it can be used directly.

If you are interested in this project, please contact Dongke Group:


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