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DK 101

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Early Strength Grade DK-101

DK-101 is a new generation of environmentally friendly polycarboxylic acid high-performance water-reducing agent developed by our company. It adopts a special process and is composed of early-strength materials, water-reducing and air-entraining components. It has various functions such as early strength, water reduction, etc. It does not corrode steel bars and improve the durability of concrete. It can be used for ordinary concrete, slag concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, high-performance concrete, etc. It has strong adaptability to commonly used cement.

Superplasticizer Monomer TPEG Water Reducing Specification

Items Specifications
Type DK-101
Appearance Faint Yellow Thick Liquid
Solid Content 50.1%
Water Reducing Rate 30%
PH Value 6-8
Air content ≤ 2.4%
Density g/ml 1.11

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KD 100
DK 101
Concrete water reducer


  1. Excellent performance in dispersion and good slump retention.
  2. No corrosion effects
  3. Good compatibility with various concrete material components
  4. Environmental friendly, as required by corresponding ISO 14001 standard and regulations.
  5. Low application dosage and contraction rate.

Polycarboxylate superplasticizer

  1.  Liquid and Powder (With new technology)
  2. High water reduce rate
  3. High slump retention
  4. Stable Quality

Method of Use

  1. Do NOT use with naphthalene concrete dispersants simultaneously.
  2. Concrete test in advance necessary for optimal dosage confirmation.
  3. Compatibility test necessary in case of other concrete additives being used in combination.
  4. Recommended dosage: 0.2~0.8% of comenting material.

Storage and Transportation Condition

25kg lining plastic bag.
It is nonhazardous and should be stored in cool and ventilated place.

Package & Delivery Shipping Show

1. The net weight is 200kg, 1000kg barrel sealed packaging, or special packaging according to customer requirements.
2. Store in a container with a lid and store in an environment of 0 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, avoid direct sunlight, rain and water leakage, mixing of debris, evaporation of water, etc.
3. The shelf life is 6 months, and it should be used after passing the test if it exceeds the shelf life


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