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Superplasticizer Powder for Concrete

Compared with traditional superplasticizers such as naphthalene-based superplasticizers, superplasticizer powder for concrete have many unique technical performance advantages:

  1. low dosage and high water reduction rate
  2. for concrete mixtures
  3. Good compatibility with cement
  4. Small shrinkage rate of the prepared concrete, which is beneficial to improve the volume stability and durability of concrete
  5. Environmental protection and pollution-free during production and use , belongs to the green admixture.
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It is precisely because of the above performance advantages that polycarboxylate-based high-performance superplasticizers have begun to attract extensive attention in the domestic engineering community in recent years. Many important projects have used this new type of superplasticizer in large quantities, such as Shanghai Maglev, Shanghai World Financial Center, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Donghai Bridge, Beijing Yintai Building, Beijing Capital International Airport Expansion Project, etc.

It is foreseeable that due to the above-mentioned many unique performance advantages, polycarboxylic acid-based high-performance superplasticizers will quickly become the mainstream products in the superplasticizer market.

Because superplasticizer powder for concrete high-performance water reducers are mostly in liquid state, the milling process is complicated and the production process is unsafe. Therefore, the market is mostly based on the body to sell.

In the past, due to the improvement of technology and the improvement of the milling process, polycarboxylic acid-based high-performance water reducers in powder form have become relatively common. In contrast, products in powder form provide a lot of convenience from transportation to customer use. Since then, powder has formed the development trend of such products.

Recommended dosage about superplasticizer powder for concrete

The recommended dosage of water reducer for concrete is: 0.1~0.25% of the cement dosage.

The water reducing agent is a powder with polycarboxylate as the main component. Its solid content is about 98%. The normal dosage is 0.12%-0.3%. When the dosage is only 0.06%, it has a water reducing rate of 12%. And the strength increase of 23% has surpassed the effect of commercially available ordinary pumping agents.

When the dosage is 0.1%, the performance exceeds the level of general naphthalene series and pyrimidine superplasticizers. However, when the dosage is lower than 0.14%, the excellent performance of the working performance is not obvious. When the dosage reaches more than 0.20%, the working performance and pumping performance of concrete are improved to a very good level.

Therefore, the recommended optimal dosage is 0.12-0.24%; when configuring high-grade, large-volume fly ash/slag micropowder concrete and concrete with special requirements, the dosage can be enlarged to more than 0.3%, but generally it should not exceed 0.5 %, experiments show that when the dosage is enlarged to 0.5%, the concrete does not produce cohesion and aggregate slurry separation (segregation) phenomenon, the water reduction rate still increases, but the gas content increases, the setting is delayed, and the strength decreases.

How to edit broadcast about superplasticizer powder for concrete

  1. According to the concrete design requirements, adjust the water consumption or sand rate through experiments to achieve the required amount of water reducing agent for slump, strength and coagulation.
  2. It is suitable for high-performance concrete, high-strength concrete and large-flow concrete. When used for concrete higher than C50, the raw materials should be selected according to the relevant technical specifications, the appropriate mixing process should be determined, and a certain amount of experimental data should be obtained. To make the flow performance of the produced concrete meet the construction requirements, the strength of the concrete should have a certain surplus coefficient.
  3. This product can be mixed into concrete at the same time with mixing water, and the effect is better when mixed with water.

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