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Types of water reducing agent

Water reducing agent is one of the concrete admixtures, also called plasticizers, which can reduce water consumption and increase strength under the condition of maintaining a certain workability of the concrete mixture, or can increase the workability under the same water consumption conditions. Sexual additives.

According to its setting time, it can be divided into ordinary type, early strength type, and retarded type; according to its function, it can be divided into air-entraining type and high-efficiency type.

One, product performance:

1. Lorsque le dosage est 0.6-1.2% of the cementing material, le taux de réduction d'eau peut atteindre 12-20%. Early strength and obvious reinforcement. The strength of concrete can be increased by 50-80% in one and three days, par 40-60% in seven days, and by 20-40% in 28 days, and the long-term strength is still improved.

2. Under the same water-binder ratio, mixing can increase the initial slump of concrete by more than 10cm, greatly increase the fluidity, and have replasticity.

3. While keeping the concrete slump basically unchanged, adding 2000HC I can save 10-15% of the amount of cement, and the early strength of concrete can still be improved compared to those without mixing.

4. The impermeability, frost resistance, and durability of concrete mixed with 2000HC I are significantly improved than those without mixing. Under the condition of reducing the amount of cement by 15%, its frost resistance is still equal to that without mixing.

5. The product has good adaptability to various cements.

6. 2000HCF I superplasticizer has a wide range of applications for concrete projects. The following concrete projects are especially recommended: pumped concrete, fluid concrete, self-compacting concrete, hydraulic concrete, steam-cured concrete, natural-cured precast concrete, Reinforced and prestressed reinforced concrete, high-strength concrete.

2. How to use:

1. Mixing amount: The mixing amount of 2000HC I powder ranges from 0.5% to 1.2%. For the preparation of early-strength concrete, the usual mixing amount is 1.2%.

2. Blending method: The following blending methods can be selected according to the specific conditions when using. No matter which method is selected, it is required to stir evenly.

(1) The powder is mixed with the cementitious material first, and then mixed with the aggregate and water.

(2) The powder is pre-dissolved into a solution of a given concentration, and then added together with the mixing water.

(3) In the mixing process, the water reducing agent is added 0.5-1.0 minutes behind the mixing water.

3. Compatibility: This product can also be used in conjunction with other types of concrete admixtures that meet national standards.

4. Super-mixing effect: The super-mixing of this product can improve the workability of concrete and prolong the setting time. Under the condition of correct curing, the final strength of concrete will exceed that of concrete without admixtures.

In order to obtain the best use effect, it is recommended that users perform necessary concrete tests on the amount of agent réducteur d'eau, the method of mixing, and the mixing time according to the engineering requirements and specific conditions when using this product for the first time or changing the type of cement. , During the construction process, the amount of water reducing agent and mixing water should be strictly controlled.

Three, packaging and storage:

1. The product is packed with inner plastic bag and woven bag, and the net weight of each bag is 40 kg. The liquid is packed in 200Kg iron drums or in bulk for loan. If special packaging is required, it can be customized in advance. 2. The powder should be stored in the warehouse, pay attention to moisture, but the moisture will not affect the use effect, can be mixed into an aqueous solution before use.

3. The validity period is three years, and it can continue to be used after the concrete trial mix test.

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