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Admixture dosage in concrete?

Water reducer

Concrete admixture is a chemical substance mixed in the process of making concrete, which can improve the performance of concrete. The amount of admixture in concrete is small (not more than 5%) but indispensable. Water reducer is the mainstream of admixtures. In 2017, it accounted for 66.61% of the total output of concrete admixtures.

After three generations of development of water reducers, polycarboxylic acid water reducers have become the mainstream products of water reducers, accounting for 77.6 in 2017 %. The polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agent industry presents the characteristics of small industry, dual strength, and low concentration.

Demand side: The increase in penetration rate is Alpha, and the recovery of infrastructure and the resilience of real estate bring Beta. The downstream demand side of water reducer is in real estate and infrastructure, which follows the macroeconomic fluctuations and has a certain periodicity.

In recent years, the quality of natural sand and gravel, one of the raw materials for concrete, has deteriorated, and the unilateral demand for water reducer in concrete has increased. , The use of water-reducing agent is basically in commercial concrete. Commercial concrete has been promoted in China in recent years, and the penetration rate has been increasing.

The increase in the permeability of commercial concrete will support the demand for water-reducing agent when the industry is facing a downward cycle, and create demand for the industry. alpha. In the post-epidemic era, the need for stable growth to promote investment has risen. Real estate regulation has not seen obvious marginal loosening, but resilience is still there. Policy support for infrastructure is increasing, and the growth rate of infrastructure will rebound to 10% in 2020 The above-mentioned certainty is very high, bringing beta to the demand side of water reducer.


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