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What is admixture?

There are many types of admixtures. Today I will discuss concrete admixtures. Concrete is inexplicable and is used in the construction industry. However, only cement and a gel material are impossible. Concrete cannot achieve the best results. At this time, we Our concrete admixture is about to be added.

Concrete admixtures are referred to as admixtures for short, and refer to substances added to improve the performance of concrete before or during the mixing of concrete. The admixture of concrete admixture is generally not more than 5% of the cement quality. The quality of concrete admixture products must meet the requirements of the national standard “Concrete Admixture” (GB 8076-2008).

Additives to improve the rheological properties of concrete mixtures. Including various water reducing agents, air entraining agents and pumping agents.

Admixture for adjusting concrete setting time and hardening performance. Including retarder, early strength agent and quick setting agent.

Additives to improve the durability of concrete. Including air-entraining agent, waterproof agent and rust inhibitor.

Additives to improve other properties of concrete. Including air entraining agent, expanding agent, coloring agent, antifreeze agent, waterproof agent and pumping agent, etc.

Thanks to the high-efficiency water-reducing agent, high-fluidity concrete, self-compacting concrete, and high-strength concrete are used。

Due to the thickener, the performance of the underwater concrete is improved: due to the retarder, the setting time of the cement is extended, it is possible to reduce the slump loss, and extend the construction operation time: due to the antifreeze, the solution The freezing point can be reduced, or the ice crystal structure is deformed so as not to cause freezing damage. It is only possible to carry out construction at negative temperatures.

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