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what is superplasticizer concrete?

Concrete additives for concrete are like salt for a dish. A dish is inseparable from salt, and concrete is inseparable from concrete additives.Its amount is very small compared to the total amount of concrete, but it is indeed essential.

In many concrete projects, traditional high-efficiency concrete such as naphthalene is less and less able to meet engineering needs due to the limitations of technical performance. A new generation of water reducing agent and polycarboxylate high performance water reducing agent that has attracted much attention at home and abroad. Because it has designed an effective molecular structure based on the mechanism of dispersed cement, it has a super-dispersion type and can prevent concrete slump loss. It does not cause obvious retardation, exerts high plasticizing effect under low dosage, has good fluidity retention, has large freedom of cement to adapt to wide molecular structure, has a large amount of synthetic technology, and has high room for high performance. The effect is remarkable, which can reduce the shrinkage of concrete and the technical properties of extremely low harmful substances, which gives the concrete excellent workability, good strength development, excellent durability, and good performance of polycarboxylate high-performance water reducer. Comprehensive technical performance advantages and environmental protection features meet the needs of modern concrete engineering. Therefore, polycarboxylate superplasticizers are becoming the preferred admixture for the preparation of high performance concrete.


Concrete Superplasticizers of Dongke Brand mainly divided into two categories: mother liquor and powder. The solid content of the mother liquor is generally about 50%, and the solid content of the powder is generally about 97%. The amount of our products is very small, the dosage of the mother liquor is generally 0.3-0.4%, and the dosage of the powder is generally 0.16-0.2%.


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