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What is the water-reducing agent

For concrete construction projects, water reducer is more commonly used, it can effectively improve the plasticity of concrete. So, what is a water-reducing agent? What is the function of a water-reducing agent?

What is water reducing agent

It is a concrete admixture used in construction materials, which can effectively reduce the amount of water used when mixing concrete and keep its slump degree unaffected. This admixture is made of polymers such as lignosulfonate, which has a certain dispersion effect on cement particles, can improve its working performance and fluidity, and can also save materials.

Water reducer is mainly used in concrete projects with C15 to C60 and above, especially for concrete projects with quality requirements, this kind of admixture is indispensable. However, there are two types of water reducing agents: ordinary type and high-efficiency type. Pay attention when choosing, because the performance of these two types is different. For ordinary water reducers, it can not be used in concrete projects where the temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, while high-efficiency models can be used in concrete projects above zero degrees Celsius.

The role of water reducing agent

  1. The water reducer can reduce the amount of material used without changing the ratio of the main raw materials. For example, if the water reducer is mixed with zero second to 0.5%, it can save 15 to three percent. Ten amount of cement. At the same time, it can effectively improve the rheology and plasticity of concrete, allowing it to have a variety of construction methods, such as pumping, self-flowing, etc., which saves a lot of construction time.
  2. After adding water-reducing agent to concrete, it can effectively increase its service life, and at least double it. In addition, it can also reduce its shrinkage rate during solidification, avoid the phenomenon of cracks in the later stage of the component, and the frost resistance will also be improved, which is very beneficial for winter use.

It is usually used in cement mortar. After it is dissolved, it is adsorbed on the surface of cement and other particles. Due to the mutual repulsion, the agglomerated particles are separated into smaller structures and fully filled in the gaps of large mortar particles, and at the same time, the water bound in the particle agglomerates It is released proudly to achieve the effect of reducing water demand, so it is called water reducing agent, also called dispersing agent.

The development and application of polycarboxylic acid-based high-performance water-reducing agents are relatively rapid. In almost all major and key projects of the country, especially in water conservancy, hydropower, hydraulic engineering, offshore engineering, bridges and other projects, the polyoxamic acid-based water reducing agent has been widely used. Such as: Three Gorges Project, Longtan Hydropower Station Xiaowan Hydropower Station, Xiluodu Hydropower Station, Jinping Hydropower Station, etc., as well as Dayangshan Port Project, Ningbo Beilun Port Phase II Project, Sutong Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Donghai Bridge, Maglev Project, etc.

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