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When was superplasticizer invented?

In fact, as early as 1938, the technology using naphthalene sulfonate as the main component was patented in the United States, which is regarded as the predecessor of high-efficiency water-reducing agent;

Because the design strength of concrete at that time was sufficient, it was possible to adjust the water consumption to achieve the required workability and ensure strength; coupled with the relatively cheap price of cement, economically, there was no need to reduce the amount of cement in concrete.

For a long period of time in the future, only air-entraining agents, chlorinated early strength agents and lignin sulfonate common water-reducing agents made from pulp by-products will occupy the main market for concrete admixtures;

In 1962, a Ph.D. from Kao Shida Company of Japan successfully developed a naphthalenesulfonate formaldehyde condensate superplasticizer; in 1963, Germany successfully developed melamine formaldehyde resin sulfonate superplasticizer and put it into production and application. Two types of superplasticizer products;

In the mid and late 1970s, these two types of superplasticizers have also been successfully developed in China and put into production and application. Recently, with the improvement of the actual technical requirements for concrete, the sulfamate and polymer Carboxylic acid-based superplasticizers have been successfully developed and put into production.

The emergence of new varieties of superplasticizers has greatly enriched the market of superplasticizers in China;


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