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Dongke,established in 2013,is a national hightech enterprise,Specializing in the research and development,production and marketing of new materials,new energy,medicine and health.
Dongke group consists of Beijing Dongke United Technologies Co.,Ltd,Fushun Dongke Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd,Liaoning Dongke New material Co.,Ltd.Zhejiang Dongke New Material Co.,Ltd.
With high quality products and good reputation,Beijing Dongke has gained the recognition of domestic and international partners,and has established close cooperation with listed enterprises.

In 2017,We established a research and development center focusing on biopharmaceutical research and development in Tianjin.
In the same year,”Dongke Academician Workstation” wax established in Fushun with Chen Fener, academician of Chinese academy of engineering,Which laid a strong scientific and technological foundation for product innovation and development of the enterprise.

We are positive thinking,positive speaking,positive acting,professional,dedicated. We are dedicated behavior of the code of conduct,With the mission of “creating value for customers,providing a platform for empolyees,
and talking responsibility for the society”,We are committed to becoming a valuable,respected and sustainable international technology enterprise!

In 2017,We established a research and development center focusing on biopharmaceutical research and development in Tianjin.In the same year, ”Dongke Academician Workstation” wax established in Fushun with Chen Fener, Academician of Chinese academy of engineering,Which laid a strong scientific and technological foundation for product innovation and development of the enterprise.

We is positive thinking,positive words,positive action,professional,dedicated,dedicated behavior of the code of conduct,With the mission of “creating value for customers,providing a platform for empolyees, and talking responsibility for the society”,We are committed to becoming a valuable,respected and sustainable international technology enterprise!

Identification interpretation

Logo color adopts the repersentative of chinese traitional cultura – red, which means auspicious and harmonious national culture.logo and chinese characters “people”, the number”1”for the art of graphics pricessing, dotted with a star below, to express the Dongke people have ti have a down-to-earth, the spirit of the courage to take on and have the feelings of looking up at the stars,and strive to do the industry first-class enterprise confidence and determination.
Adopting the initials D and K of Dongke as the design elements ,and taking the traditional culture of “benevolence,righteousness, propriety, wisdom and credit”as the cornerstone,integrating with the western science and technology concepts,it conveys the diversified business philosophy and international development direction of the Enterprise.

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To build the most Happiness

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Honesty,Services,Pragmatism and Innovation

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Health,Happiness,Learning,Respect and Love