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About High Range Water Reducing Admixture

Type of water reducer

The water reduction efficiency of the high range water reducing admixture can reach more than 20%. The main ones are the naphthalene series, the melamine series and the water reducing agents they compound, among which the naphthalene series is dominant, accounting for 67%. Especially in my country, most of the superplasticizers are naphthalene based superplasticizers with naphthalene as the main raw material.

Naphthalene-based superplasticizer

Naphthalene-based superplasticizers can be divided into high concentration products (Na2SO4 content <3%), medium concentration products (3% to 10% Na2SO4 content) and low concentration products (Na2SO4) according to the amount of Na2SO4 in their products. . . . . content>10%).

Most naphthalene-based superplasticizer synthesis plants have the ability to control Na2SO4 content below 3%, and some advanced enterprises can even control it below 0.4%.

Naphthalene series superplasticizers are the most productive and widely used superplasticizers in my country (containing more than 70% of the superplasticizers). , has little effect on setting time, very good adaptability to cement, can be used with various other admixtures, and the cost is relatively low. Naphthalene-based water-based admixtures are often used to make high fluidity, high strength and high quality concrete.

The slump loss of concrete simply mixed with naphthalene water reducing agent is rare. In addition, the adaptability of naphthalene-based superplasticizers to certain cements needs to be improved.

High range water reducing admixture

High range water reducing admixture has a strong dispersing effect on cement, which can significantly improve the cement mixture and concrete swelling fluidity, as well as significantly reduce water consumption and significantly improve the workability of concrete.

However, some superplasticizers will accelerate the destruction of concrete shrinkage, and if the dose is too large it will cause bleeding. Superplasticizer does not significantly change the setting time of concrete. When the dose is large (overdose), it has a slight setting retardation effect, but it does not delay the early strength gain of the hardened concrete.

This can significantly reduce water consumption and significantly improve the strength of concrete year after year. While maintaining the strength, the cement savings can be 10% or more.

The chloride ion concentration is very small, and it does not corrode the steel bar. This can increase the impermeability, freeze-thaw resistance and corrosion resistance of concrete, and improve the durability of concrete.

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high range water reducing admixture
polycarboxylate superplasticizer

Scope of application of superplasticizer

It is suitable for prefabricated and cast-in-place reinforced concrete in various industrial and civil construction, water conservation, transportation, port, municipal and other projects.

It is suitable for high-strength, ultra-high-strength and medium-strength concretes, as well as concretes requiring early strength, moderate frost resistance and high fluidity.

Precast concrete elements suitable for steam curing process.

This is suitable for water reducing reinforcing component (i.e. masterbatch) of various composite admixtures.

high-efficiency water reducing agent refers primarily to the polycarboxylate water reducing agent, and the polycarboxylate water reducing agent is divided into polycarboxylate ordinary water reducing agent and polycarboxylate high-performance water reducing agent.

  1. The water reduction rate of ordinary superplasticizers is typically 5%~10%; Whereas the water reduction efficiency of superplasticizers can reach 12%~25%, or even more.
  2. High-efficiency water-reducing agent can significantly improve the workability of concrete under the condition that the water-cement ratio remains unchanged. For example, the high-efficiency water-reducing agent can be used to prepare high-fluidity concrete with a slump of 25 cm, without excessive air entrainment. , which shall not cause excessive retardation of the concrete; And under the same cementing condition, the concrete slurry made with ordinary water reducer is usually about 10 cm.

  3. Especially under the same swelling condition, the high-efficiency water-reducing agent can significantly reduce the water consumption of the concrete mix, significantly reduce the water-cement ratio, and thus significantly improve the strength of the concrete. Therefore, high-efficiency water-reducing agent is mainly used to configure high strength grades. , fluidity concrete with high water reduction potential; Also the ordinary water reducing agent has very low water reduction rate and is mainly used in making concrete with low strength grade and low water reduction requirement.
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