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How to Make Superplasticizer?


Currently, most oil and gas wells are drilled with synthetic-based mud. Two types of waste are generally produced during drilling: waste mud and rock cuttings. There are many ways to dispose of waste, but the treated waste will be discarded in the environment. Although it seems harmless to the environment, long-term accumulation can still cause damage to the environment.

However, in most waste drilling mud, there are also some additives formulated with cement slurry to stabilize it for reuse in oil and gas well cementing operations. In recent years, waste synthetic-based drilling mud has been solidified with lime before it is further processed. These lime-solidified muds can be used as raw materials for cement kilns, building materials and wetland restoration materials.

Adding cement to mortar is called “cement mortar”.Cement mortar is made by mixing cement and sand in a certain proportion. It can be used to prepare high-strength mortar. Cement mortar is generally used for foundations, basements that have been soaked in water for a long time, and masonry that bears large external forces.

Add lime (paste) called “white mortar” or “lime mortar”.Lime mortar is a mortar made by mixing lime paste and sand in a certain proportion, and its strength depends entirely on the air hardness of lime.

Add cement and white ash, which is called “mixed mortar”.Mixed mortar is generally made of cement, lime paste, and sand, and is generally used for masonry above the ground. Because the mixed mortar is added with lime paste, the workability of the mortar in the factory is improved, and the operation is more convenient, which is beneficial to the improvement of the compactness and work efficiency of the masonry.


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