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Advantages of Using PCE Superplasticizer:

PCE superplasticizer is the third generation of high-performance superplasticizer developed after ordinary superplasticizer represented by wood calcium and superplasticizer represented by naphthalene series. A high-efficiency water reducer with the highest, the best application prospect and the best comprehensive performance.

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It is a series of superplasticizers with excellent performance that integrates water reduction, slump protection, reinforcement, shrinkage resistance and environmental protection. It can completely solve the weaknesses of high-strength and high-performance concrete with high viscosity and poor construction performance.

Ideal admixture for high performance concrete. It can be compounded with various admixtures to form multifunctional admixtures, such as pumping agent, early strength agent, impermeable waterproofing agent, retarder, etc.

pce superplasticizer
pce superplasticizer

Advantages of Using PCE Superplasticizer:

  1. The dosage is low and the water reduction rate is high. When the dosage is about 1.0%, the water reduction rate exceeds 35%.
  2. Early strength and high strength, the early strength is increased by more than 50%, and the 28-day strength is increased by more than 30%, especially suitable for high-volume fly ash concrete. In the low dosage range of this water-reducing agent, the strength increases obviously with the dosage, but the strength will not further increase with the dosage after the optimum dosage is exceeded.

  3. Low slump loss, 1h slump retention rate is very good, it remains unchanged at low positive temperature, and the expansion degree increases. When the temperature exceeds 20 degrees, the 1h slump loss is slightly lost, but it remains at 95%. Above, when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees, the 1h slump retention value is still 93%.

  4. Good workability of concrete: Even in the case of high slump, the concrete prepared with polycarboxylate superplasticizer will not have obvious segregation and bleeding, and the appearance and color of the concrete are consistent. It is extremely beneficial for the preparation of high fluidity concrete, self-leveling concrete, self-compacting concrete and fair-faced concrete. When used to prepare high-grade concrete, the concrete has good workability and cohesion, and the concrete is easy to mix.

  5. The concrete mixed with this product has good durability, in filling, stability, pumpability, strength compactness, sulfate corrosion resistance, alkali resistance-aggregate reactivity, frost resistance, shrinkage resistance The performances such as creep and creep are superior to ordinary superplasticizers.

  6. It has good compatibility with different kinds of cement and admixtures, and solves the problem of compatibility between other types of water reducing agents and cementitious materials.

  7. Good product stability: no precipitation at low temperature.

  8. Green environmental protection products, this product has very low alkali content, chloride ion content, sodium sulfate content, and formaldehyde content, and does not pollute the natural environment during the production process, in line with the ISO14000 national standard for environmental protection management, which is conducive to sustainable development develop.

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