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Available Polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent from Dongke Group

Today, our message extends to a clearer understanding of the fact that polycarboxylic acid water is used as a reduction agent.

Additives that can greatly reduce the amount of water in the mixture under conditions where the concrete slump is basically the same are called polycarboxylic acid water reducing agents.

Polycarboxylic acid water reducing agent has a powerful effect on mortar scattering, which can greatly improve the mixed cement and concrete spillage slump, when the amount of water used is greatly reduced, significantly increasing the performance of the concrete.

The active water reducing polycarboxylic acid can significantly reduce water consumption and significantly increase the strength of concrete at any age. When the resistance is kept constant, 10% or more of the cement can be saved.

The chloride ion content of the polycarboxy acid water diminishing agent is minimal, which does not cause corrosion on the iron bars. It can improve the waterproofing, cooling and corrosion resistance of concrete, and improve the durability of the concrete.

Polycarboxylic acid is a copolymer based superplasticizer, which copolymer acquires the active carboxylic acid monomers under the action of the initiator. Characteristics of polycarboxy acid superplasticizer:

(1) At low doses (0.2~0.5%) and high dispersion operation, the water reduction rate can reach 35~50% or even more;

(2) Good slump retention, no slump loss within 120 minutes can be used to prepare high-level or ultra-high power concrete, such as C60, C80, C100 and C150, etc.

(3) High levels of freedom of the molecular structure, many environments that can be controlled by the technology for making additions to the manufacturing, and with great potential for high performance;

(4) When formaldehyde is not used in the synthesis, it does not pollute the environment.

(5) Good agreement with mortar and other types of concrete mixtures.

The appearance of the water reducing agent is divided into liquid and dust; In terms of reducing and increasing water capacity, it is divided into ordinary water reducing agent, high efficiency water reducing agent, and high-energy water reducing agent.

Different types of water reducing agents have different amounts of mixing. They’re ordinary water-reducing and high-water efficiency, usually 1% ~ 2%.

1. Reducing Water is a concrete mixture that can mix water to reduce the slump condition under the mixing of preserving steam.

2. After adding the concrete mixture, the scattering effect on the cement particles, which can improve its activity, reduce the unit water consumption, improve the flowability of the concrete mixture, or reduce the unit dosage of cement can preserve the cement.

The supply of superplastic stones is computed according to the amount of cement. Therefore, the method of mixing must first be determined, that is, the amount of cement per square of concrete must be determined in order to accurately compute the quantity of the superplasticizer.

In short, compared to other raw materials, although a small amount of superplasticizer is required, it is essential for the quality of the concrete. Therefore, during the construction process, the surface of the superplasticizer should be strictly controlled and its operation. The procedure must be performed strictly according to the norms to avoid accidents when forming a superplastic quantity.

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