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Beijing Dongke Company: PCE Liquid Application For Building Area

Polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer is the representative of a new generation of green superplasticizer. High-performance water-reducing agent is an indispensable component of high-performance concrete due to its super-dispersing effect, especially after reaching a very low water-to-binder ratio. It is an indispensable component of high-performance concrete, and polycarboxylic acid-based high-efficiency water-reducing agent The performance of the agent is more superior, and its molecular structure is adjustable, and water-reducing agents with different performances can be prepared according to specific requirements.


1) Strong plastic retention and low slump loss:

Polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer can effectively control the slump loss of concrete mixture over time, and has little effect on hardening time. Under the same raw material conditions, the slump retention of polycarboxylic acid water reducer is obviously better than that of naphthalene water reducer, and the overall state of the concrete mixture is also significantly better than that of naphthalene type water reducer. The high-fluidity concrete can still meet the pumping requirements after 1h.

2) Good adaptability:

The adaptability to various cements and mixed materials is better than traditional water reducers, and the performance is determined by its special molecular structure. The steric hindrance has a strong dispersing effect on cement particles, has a good dispersing effect, and has good adaptability to cement varieties.

3) No pollution in the production process:

The production process does not use formaldehyde and other environmentally polluting raw materials; there is no health hazard to the human body during the production and use process, and it does not cause any pollution to the environment. The second-generation water-reducing agent such as naphthalene is a kind of chemical synthetic material that pollutes the environment, and its pollution is structural. It exists in the process of production and use and cannot be overcome.

4) Strong designability of performance:

The design of the molecular structure and performance of the polycarboxylic acid-based high-performance water-reducing agent can be realized, and the molecular structure of the water-reducing agent can be designed according to the actual performance of the concrete.

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