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Best Superplasticizer for Concrete

Brief introduction of water reducing agent

The best superplasticizer for concrete is polycarboxylate superplasticizer. Concrete admixtures refer to products that are added in the process of mixing concrete to improve the performance of concrete according to requirements. Polycarboxylate superplasticizer has the characteristics of low dosage, high water reduction rate, green environmental protection, etc., and has been widely used in various concrete projects in recent years.

The water-reducing agent mother liquor is the main component in the concrete admixture, and its addition can effectively reduce the concrete water-cement ratio, increase the fluidity of the concrete, and improve the workability of the concrete.

Before being used in concrete, the preparation of polycarboxylate water-reducing agent mainly goes through two processes: synthesis and compounding: the synthesis process is initiated by the addition of different types of macromonomers and small monomers acrylic acid at heating or normal temperature. The compounding process is to add water, retarder, air-entraining agent, defoamer, water-retaining agent and other components to the synthesized mother liquor to make it in Ready-mixed concrete has certain fluidity and workability.

Characteristics of water reducing agent mother liquor

  1. Early strength and high strength: The early strength and 28-day strength are significantly improved, especially suitable for high-volume fly ash concrete
  2. Low slump loss: In line with the pumping agent standard, the slump loss is significantly reduced
  3. High durability: This product can effectively reduce the water-binder ratio of concrete, improve durability, and reduce shrinkage and creep deformation
  4. High water reduction rate: When the slump is about 80mm, the water reduction rate can be more than 25%; when the slump is about 180mm, the water reduction rate can be more than 30%
  5. Green environmental protection product: This product does not pollute the natural environment during the production process, and conforms to the ISO 14000 international standard for environmental protection management

The best superplasticizer for concrete is polycarboxylate superplasticizer.

best superplasticizer for concrete
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pce superplasticizer

Main categories of water reducing agents

  1. Polycarboxylate superplasticizer mother liquor (universal)
    It has wide adaptability and good slump retention. It is a mother liquor of polycarboxylate water-reducing agent with a solid content of about 40%, and its comprehensive performance is excellent. Suitable for all kinds of concrete works.
  2. Polycarboxylate high performance water reducing agent mother liquor (high slump retention type)
    In view of the industry problem of high-strength pumping and slow-setting fluidized concrete with large slump loss, the company has researched and synthesized a high-slump-preserving water-reducing agent mother liquid, which increases the compactness of concrete and keeps the fluidity of concrete excellent. It can significantly improve the impermeability, frost resistance and carbonization resistance of concrete, and reduce the loss of slump within a certain period of time. The company is suitable for mass concrete, impermeable concrete, hydraulic cast-in-place concrete and ready-mixed concrete projects.
  3. Polycarboxylate high performance water reducing agent mother liquor (high water reducing rate type)
    The high water-reducing rate mother liquor not only has high water-reducing rate and dispersibility, but also improves the working performance of concrete. During concrete pumping construction, it does not bleed, has good cohesion, and does not segregate, which greatly improves concrete pumping. Excellent construction performance, when the dosage reaches the standard, the water reduction rate can reach more than 50%, and its cost performance is extremely excellent. It is especially suitable for high-fluid self-compacting concrete and high-strength and high-performance concrete projects. Because of its excellent cost performance, it is widely used in various types of concrete: soil construction.
  4. Polycarboxylate superplasticizer mother liquor (early strength type)
    It is a mother liquor of early-strength polycarboxylate high-performance water-reducing agent. Its performance is better than that of early-strength polycarboxylate high-performance water-reducing agent. The effect of early strength and high strength can be achieved with a very low dosage. Scope of application: High-performance concrete projects that require early strength requirements.

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