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Cement additives

Cement additives refer to additives added to improve or realize various characteristics in the process of cement application, such as quick-drying or enhancement, such as water reducing agents, and reducing water content, such as retarders.

    Cement is a powdery hydraulic inorganic cementing material. Add water and stir it into a slurry, which can harden in the air or better harden in water, and can firmly bond sand, stone and other materials together. The word cement is derived from the Latin word caementum, which means crushed stone and schist. The mixture of early lime and volcanic ash is very similar to modern lime-volcanic ash cement.

The concrete made by cementing gravel with it will not only have higher strength after hardening, but also resist the erosion of fresh water or salt water. For a long time, it has been widely used in civil engineering, water conservancy, national defense and other projects as an important cementing material.

 There are many varieties of cement on the market, including Portland cement, ordinary Portland cement, composite Portland cement, slag Portland cement, etc. Commonly used in home decoration is ordinary Portland cement or composite Portland cement.


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