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Concrete plasticiser

Generally, the higher the water content of concrete, the better its fluidity and workability. But when the concrete has enough moisture, the strength of the concrete after solidification is inversely proportional to the moisture content. Therefore, if the concrete is to have high strength, the water content of the concrete cannot be too much, and the workability at this time will become poor.

The plasticizer can reduce the water content of the concrete without affecting the workability of the concrete (hence the name water reducing agent). ), it also improves the strength of concrete. This method is often used to increase the strength when producing high-strength concrete or fiber reinforced concrete.

Plasticizer is a polymer material additive widely used in industrial production, also known as plasticizer. Any substance added to a polymer material to increase the plasticity of the polymer is called a plasticizer. The use of plasticizers can improve the performance of polymer materials, reduce production costs, and increase production efficiency. It is an important chemical product additive.

As an auxiliary, it is widely used in plastic products, concrete, plaster, cement, gypsum, cosmetics and cleaning agents, especially in polyvinyl chloride plastic products, in order to increase the plasticity of plastics. To improve the strength of plastics, it is necessary to add phthalates, whose content can sometimes reach 50% of the product.

The function of plasticizers is mainly to weaken the secondary bonds between resin molecules, increase the mobility of resin molecular bonds, reduce the crystallinity of resin molecules, increase the plasticity of resin molecules, make them more flexible, easy to process, and can be used legally Industrial use, widely found in food packaging, cosmetics, medical equipment, and environmental water bodies. For example, plastic wrap, food packaging, toys, etc.


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