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Use of Plasticizer in Concrete

The application range of plasticizer as following

1. Concrete application

Generally, the higher the water content of concrete, the better its fluidity and workability. But when concrete has enough moisture, the strength of concrete after solidification is inversely proportional to the moisture content. Therefore, if the concrete is to have high strength, the water content of the concrete cannot be too much, and the T-addition property at this time will become worse.

The plasticizer can reduce its water content without affecting the workability of the concrete (hence the name Agent), but also improve the strength of concrete. If pozzolan is added to concrete, plasticizer will also be added to increase strength. This method is often used to increase the strength when producing high-strength concrete or fiber reinforced concrete.

2. Cosmetic applications

For cosmetics such as perfumes and nail polishes that women often use, phthalates are used as fixatives to maintain the fragrance of the fragrance or make the nail polish film smoother.

3. Application of energetic materials

Energetic materials and pyrotechnic agents generally use plasticizers. On the one hand, they can improve the physical properties of the propellant itself or its binder. On the other hand, it can also be used as an auxiliary fuel to increase the propulsion provided by the unit mass of fuel (ie Than punch). In solid rocket propellants and smokeless powders, plasticizers are particularly needed to improve physical properties or increase specific impulse. Plasticizers that can increase specific impulse are generally called energy-containing plasticizers.

4. Food packaging

For example, the commonly used cling film, one is PE (polyethylene) material without additives, but its viscosity is poor; the other widely used is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) cling film, which has a lot of plasticization To make PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material soft and increase viscosity, it is very suitable for fresh food packaging.

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