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Concrete Water Reducing Agent

As we all know, water reducer is an additive often used in the construction industry. So how is the water reducing agent used and what role does it play in the construction industry? Today we will mainly explain the use and function of alkaline water agent

In fact, when water reducing agent is used in construction, it is usually added to concrete. Therefore, water reducer is also called concrete water reducing agent.

Next, I will give you a detailed introduction to the concrete use of concrete water reducing agent.

At present, our common types of concrete water reducing agent. have two states, liquid water-reducing agents and solid water-reducing agents. But no matter what his state is, the method of use is similar. Like his name, it is added to the concrete.

First of all, but before using concrete water reducing agent. , we should determine the scope of application of concrete water reducing agent. ? Under normal circumstances, it can be applied to pumping or normal concrete projects with a strength grade of 15 to 60 degrees and above. And it is especially suitable for concrete projects that require very high appearance quality. For ordinary concrete water reducing agent. , the lowest temperature of the environment. It should not be lower than 5°C. For high-efficiency concrete water reducing agent., the best use temperature should be above 0℃.

The above are the requirements for the environment during the use of the concrete water reducer. Next, I will specifically introduce the method used.

It is usually mixed in concrete. Its content is usually 0.4%~2% of the total weight of the material. This is also the most commonly used additive content. In fact, in daily use, liquid concrete water reducer will be easier to use. The solid concrete water-reducing agent needs to add a dilution step as early as possible. The solid water reducing agent is diluted and then added to the concrete. But both water reducers are the same in terms of quality and quantity.

Finally, let’s introduce the role of concrete water reducing agent.. First of all, the first function of concrete water reducing agent. is just like its name, it is to reduce water. This is also our most common type of water reducer. By mixing with concrete to reduce the moisture content in the cement, improve the strength of the concrete, thereby further reducing the cost of raw materials.

But the water reducing agent is not only the function of alkaline water, this kind of additive is more like a general term for concrete additives. In addition to the alkaline water effect mentioned above, he has several other effects, such as his slump retention effect. Appropriate beach water reducing agent can increase the fluidity of the mixture, thereby prolonging its preservation time. It can greatly increase the speed of construction and reduce the energy consumption of construction.\

In addition to the above two common types, there are also drought-resistant water-reducing agents. Water reducing agent for low temperature environment, etc. They have indeed played a very important role in the construction industry.

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