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Fast Curing Concrete Additives

If you are looking for fast curing concrete additives, then our company Dongke Group is a correct and professional factory, we have more than 15 years experience in production and export. We can provide you with fast curing concrete additives. Fast curing concrete additives We recommend early strength additives for you. If you are looking for it, you can contact us directly.

fast curing concrete additives

Water reducing agent refers to an admixture that can reduce the amount of mixing water and improve the strength of concrete under the condition of constant workability and cement dosage; or save the amount of cement under the condition of constant workability and strength. It is especially suitable for the preparation of concrete projects with high durability, high fluidity, high slump retention, high strength and high requirements on appearance quality.

Scope of Application:

  1. Can be widely used in various reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete projects, suitable for preparing early-strength concrete, high-strength ultra-high-strength concrete, fluid concrete, self-compacting concrete, pumping concrete, waterproof concrete, etc.
  2. It is used to prepare other composite concrete admixtures such as early strength superplasticizer, retardation superplasticizer, antifreeze and so on.

Usage and Precautions:

The dosage range is 0.1%~0.4% of the weight of cement or cementitious material (reduced solid), and the usual dosage is 0.15%~0.30% (reduced solid). It can be directly added in the form of a stock solution, or it can be directly formulated for use.

Early-strength water-reducing agent is a high-efficiency early-strength water-reducing agent compounded with reinforcing components. It has the characteristics of good adaptability to cement varieties, less air entrainment, etc. Freeze resistance, impermeability and durability.

Early-strength water-reducing agent has certain early-strength, water-reducing and reinforcing effects, and is a natural maintenance type admixture. This agent is generally used for concrete used in brick-concrete structures. The concrete mixed with this agent can reach more than 75% of the design mark after being formed at room temperature for 5 days.

The strength of components such as ring beams, structural columns, balconies, awnings, etc., using the concrete mixed with this agent increases rapidly, and the later strength is higher than that of the concrete without this agent.


It is suitable for ordinary concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete projects with early strength requirements, which are constructed in the environment of normal temperature, low temperature and alternating positive and negative temperature (the daily minimum temperature is not lower than -5℃).

The early-strength superplasticizer has no rust effect on steel bars, is non-toxic and non-polluting, and can be used in roads, bridges, ports, reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete structures in industrial and civil buildings, and prefabricated components in steam curing and natural curing, etc. , can also be used for winter construction when the temperature is not lower than – 5 ℃.

Storage and packaging:

The powder product should be protected from rain, moisture and damage. If the product is wet and agglomerated, it should be crushed and sieved or turned into a solution for use without changing the quality.

pce superplasticizer
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