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How to use superplasticizer with cement

High-efficiency water-reducing agent has a strong dispersing effect on cement, which can greatly improve the fluidity of cement mixture and the slump of concrete, and at the same time greatly reduce the water consumption and significantly improve the workability of concrete. However, some high-efficiency water-reducing agents will accelerate the slump loss of concrete. High-efficiency water-reducing agent basically does not change the setting time of concrete.

When the amount is large (overdose added), it has a slight retarding effect, but it does not delay the early strength growth of hardened concrete.They can greatly reduce water consumption and significantly increase the strength of concrete at all ages. When the strength is kept constant, cement can be saved by 10% or more.

   The chloride ion content is minimal, and it does not cause corrosion to the steel bars. It can enhance the impermeability, freeze-thaw resistance and corrosion resistance of concrete, and improve the durability of concrete.

    It is suitable for precast and cast-in-place reinforced concrete in various industrial and civil buildings, water conservancy, transportation, port, municipal and other projects;for high-strength, ultra-high-strength and medium-strength concrete, as well as concrete that requires early strength, moderate frost resistance and high fluidity.

Precast concrete components suitable for steam curing process.
It is suitable for making water-reducing and strengthening components (ie masterbatch) of various compound additives.


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