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Acrylic Acid​​

Acrylic Acid​​

Acrylic acid is an organic compound. Acrylic acid is the simplest unsaturated carboxylic acid, consisting of a vinyl group connected directly to a carboxylic acid terminus. This colorless liquid has a characteristic acrid smell. Acrylic acid is used as a monomer in the production of acrylic resins and forms acrylate esters by combination with alcohols. Acrylic acid is miscible with water, alcohols, ethers, and chloroform. HS code for Acrylic Acid is 2916110000.

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Basic Information of Acrylic Acid​​

EINECS201-177-9Boiling Point139℃
Molecular Weight72.06Flash Point48℃
Density1.051Water SolubleMISCIBLE
Melting Point13℃Refractive Index1.4192
Upstream Raw MaterialsAcrylonitrile Toluene Sulfuric Acid
Physicochemical PropertiesProperties Colorless liquid with pungent odor.
Melting point 13.5℃
Boiling point 141℃
Relative density 1.052
Refractive index 1.4185
Flash point 68.3℃
Solubility Soluble in water, ethanol and ether.
Product UsagePreparation of high polymers by homopolymerization or copolymerization for coatings, adhesives, solid resins, molding compounds, etc.
Downstream ProductsHydroxypropyl Acrylate Butyl Acrylate Methyl Acrylate 2-Ethylhexyl Acrylate Ethoxylated Trimethylolpropane Triacrylate Acrylic Resin

Uses of Acrylic Acid​​

Acrylic acid​​​ is an important organic chemical raw material and an important synthetic resin monomer. Its main derivatives are various acrylates and acrylates. The most famous esters and salts are methyl acrylate, ethyl ester, butyl ester, isooctyl ester, hydroxyethyl ester, hydroxypropyl ester and sodium acrylate.

Because the molecule of acrylic acid has unsaturated double bonds and carboxyl functional groups, it can undergo copolymerization and homopolymerization with many monomers. It is used as a raw material for coatings, adhesives and various auxiliaries. Building materials and pharmaceuticals and other industries and fields.

Properties of Acrylic Acid​​

Colorless liquid with pungent odor. Strong acidity and severe corrosiveness. Melting point 13.5 ℃. 3kPa)。 The boiling point of 141 ℃ (101. 3kPa). The relative density is 1.052. Flash point (open cup) 68.3 ℃. Refractive index 1.4185. Soluble in water, ethanol and ether, easy to polymerize.

Production Method of Acrylic Acid​​

  1. Propylene oxidation method Under the action of molybdenum-based catalyst, propylene is oxidized in two steps to generate acrylic acid, and then the finished product is obtained by water absorption, solvent extraction and vacuum distillation. The reaction conditions are: the reaction temperature of the first stage is 330-430°C, and the reaction temperature of the second stage is 280-360°C.
  2. Acrylonitrile Hydrolysis Method Acrylonitrile undergoes hydrolysis reaction in the presence of sulfuric acid catalyst, the first step is hydrolyzed to form acrylamide sulfate, and then directly hydrolyzed by steam to form acrylic acid, and then the finished product is obtained by vacuum distillation.

Storage and Delivery of Acrylic Acid / Propenoic Acid

With15 years of experience, Dongke has become an experienced adipic acid supplier in China. As a professional adipic acid factory, Dongke strictly controls the storage and delivery of Acrylic Acid. For the package, Acrylic Acid is available in drum and isotank. The drum contains 200kg, and the container load for 20FCL is 16tons with pallets. The isotank contains 24MT.

FAQ of Acrylic Acid

Acrylic acid is one of the simplest unsaturated carboxylic acids. And it is a colorless liquid with an acrid odor. Acrylic acid is miscible with water, alcohols, ethers and chloroform. Acrylic is composed of a vinyl group directly attached to the end of the carboxylic acid. Acrylic acid is used as a monomer in the production of acrylic resins and forms acrylates by combining them with alcohols.

Acrylic Acid applications are very extensive, such as water reducing agents, water treatment agents, hydroxyethyl acrylate, hydroxypropyl acrylate and thickener.

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