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Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066

Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066

Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG Slump Retention F-2066

This product uses a highly active catalyst and a special synthesis process, with a lighter appearance. The product has good selectivity and high double bond retention rate, which greatly improves the efficiency of the water reducing agent product, thereby reducing the production cost of the water reducing agent. Good adaptability to cement, high water reduction rate, high durability and low slump loss. This product is environmentally friendly and does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients.

Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG Slump Retention Specification

Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066 is a chemical additive used in the construction industry as a high-performance water reducer and dispersing agent. It falls under the category of liquid polyethylene glycol (LPEG) superplasticizer monomers.

Items Specifications
Type F-2066
Appearance White Flakes
Hydroxyl(mgKOH/g) 18.48
Unsaturation 0.3236
PH Value 6.43
Moisture /
Fineness /

Details Images of Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066


Characteristics of Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066

Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066 possesses several key characteristics that make it a desirable additive for concrete construction. Here are some of its notable features:

  1. High water reduction efficiency: LPEG F-2066 exhibits excellent water-reducing properties, allowing for significant reduction in the water content of concrete mixtures. This efficiency helps improve the workability and strength of the concrete while maintaining a lower water-to-cement ratio.

  2. Enhanced flowability: This superplasticizer monomer greatly improves the flowability and workability of concrete, resulting in improved placement, compaction, and finishing. It enables the mixture to flow more easily, reducing the need for excessive vibration or compaction efforts.

  3. Excellent slump retention: LPEG F-2066 has a high slump retention capability, meaning it can maintain the desired consistency and fluidity of the concrete for an extended duration. This feature is particularly beneficial in situations where there are delays between batching and placing the concrete.

  4. Accelerated early strength development: The use of LPEG F-2066 helps in achieving rapid early strength development in concrete. It promotes the formation of hydration products, leading to faster setting and initial curing of the concrete. This characteristic can contribute to shorter construction cycles and faster formwork removal.

  5. Improved workability and pumpability: With its superior dispersing and lubricating properties, LPEG F-2066 enhances the workability and pumpability of concrete. It reduces internal friction between particles, allowing the concrete to flow smoothly through pipelines or into complex formwork configurations.

  6. Increased durability: Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066 improves the durability and longevity of concrete structures. It reduces the porosity of the concrete, making it more resistant to chemical attacks, freeze-thaw cycles, and other environmental factors.

  7. Compatibility with various cement types: LPEG F-2066 exhibits good compatibility with different types of cement, including ordinary Portland cement, blended cement, and various supplementary cementitious materials.

These characteristics collectively make Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066 a valuable additive in concrete construction, offering improved workability, strength development, and durability to the final concrete product.

Application of Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066

Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066 finds wide application in the construction industry, primarily in concrete production, where improved workability, strength, and durability are desired. Some common applications of this superplasticizer monomer include:

  1. Large-scale infrastructure projects: LPEG F-2066 is commonly used in the construction of large infrastructure projects such as bridges, highways, dams, and tunnels. Its ability to improve the workability and flowability of concrete makes it easier to handle and place in complex structural elements.

  2. High-rise buildings: Due to its high water-reducing efficiency and excellent slump retention, LPEG F-2066 is favored in the construction of tall buildings. This additive enables the production of self-consolidating concrete, which can flow effortlessly into congested reinforcement areas, improving construction speed and efficiency.

  3. Precast/prestressed concrete: In the precast concrete industry, LPEG F-2066 is widely used to manufacture precast elements such as beams, columns, and panels. It facilitates the production of high-strength concrete with improved form-filling ability, resulting in superior quality and efficiency in precast manufacturing.

  4. Ready-mix concrete: Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066 is commonly added to ready-mix concrete formulations to achieve desired workability and pumpability. It enables the transportation and placement of concrete over long distances without segregation or loss of fluidity.

  5. Shotcrete applications: Shotcrete, or sprayed concrete, is extensively used in construction projects like slope stabilization, tunnel linings, and swimming pool construction. LPEG F-2066 is often added to shotcrete mixtures to enhance their flowability, ensuring good adhesion and durability of the applied concrete.

  6. High-performance concrete: When designing high-performance concrete requiring exceptional strength, durability, and flowability, LPEG F-2066 is a preferred choice. It contributes to the production of concrete with reduced permeability, increased density, and improved long-term performance.

  7. Special construction requirements: LPEG F-2066 is also employed in applications that demand specific concrete properties, such as low-slump concrete for pavement construction, self-leveling floor screeds, and architectural concrete with improved surface finishes.

The application of Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066 enables the production of high-quality concrete with enhanced properties, allowing for efficient and durable construction across various sectors of the industry.

Packaging and storage of Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066

  1. Packaging: Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066 is typically packaged in 25kg bags made of woven material that is lined with a plastic film. However, the packaging can be customized according to customer requirements.
  2. Safety: The product is non-toxic and non-flammable. It can be handled and transported following general chemical transportation regulations and guidelines.
  3. Storage: It is recommended to store the product in a cool and ventilated place at normal temperature and pressure. It should be protected from direct sunlight and rain to prevent any potential degradation or damage.
  4. Shelf Life: The shelf life of Superplasticizer Monomer LPEG F-2066 is 6 months. If the product exceeds this timeframe, it is advised to conduct tests on its physical and chemical indicators as well as perform application tests. If the product meets the required specifications, it can still be used.

Storage and Transportation Condition

25kg lining plastic bag.
It is nonhazardous and should be stored in cool and ventilated place.

Delivery Shipping Show

Delivery:Within 15 working days
Shipment:FOB,CFR,CIF, By sea


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