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Water reduce agent mother liquor from Dongke

1.What is water reduce agent mother liquor?

Water reduce agent mother liquor is been well known as water reduce agent. We set it with special name because we have both liquor and powder. The mother liquor of water-reducing agent is a kind of surface active agent whose molecular structure is a graft copolymer containing carboxyl group. It belongs to the third generation of water-reducing agent mother liquor. It is suitable for configuring pumped concrete, high-strength concrete, fair-faced concrete, self-compacting concrete and concrete components. It can be widely used in industrial and civil construction, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, roads and bridges and other fields

2. The basic info about water reduce agent mother liquor from Dongke

Dongke is PCE factory, we produce both PCE monomer & liquor & powder. Five major characteristics of polycarboxylic acid mother liquor:

  1. Green and environmental protection: the raw materials used are non-toxic and harmless, and there are no three wastes in the production process.
  2. High hardening and durability of concrete: high strength of concrete at various ages, good volume stability, outstanding performance of impermeability, freeze-thaw resistance, corrosion resistance and carbonization resistance;
  3. Wide adaptability: to Portland cement and ordinary silicon Salt cement, slag silicate, fly ash cement, pozzolan cement and various admixtures all have a wide range of adaptability.
  4. Outstanding comprehensive performance: The product has a higher water reduction rate (the water reduction rate can reach more than 35%) and a lower slump loss rate, which can improve the working performance of concrete and increase the strength and durability of concrete.
  5. Good workability of concrete: fresh concrete has good workability, no segregation, no bleeding, good cohesion, moderate air content, suitable for pumping. This is very important effect for water reduce agent mother liquor from Dongke.

How to use water reduce agent mother liquor from Dongke?

Concrete is made up of cementitious materials, granular aggregates (also called aggregates), water, and when necessary additives and admixtures are prepared in a certain proportion, mixed evenly, compacted, and cured and hardened. Kind of artificial stone. At the same time, concrete also has the characteristics of high compressive strength, good durability, and wide range of strength grades. The following two aspects should be paid attention to when concrete additives are produced.

   One is that the mixing amount is less than or equal to 5% of the cement weight, which means that the mixing amount of concrete admixtures should not be greater than 5% of the cement weight. Based on this definition, other mineral admixtures with an amount greater than 5% by weight of cement cannot be considered as admixture concrete.

   The second is based on China’s current “Common Concrete Mix Design Regulations”-JGJ55-2000 regulations, the use of mineral admixtures instead of part of the amount of cement calculation, the admixture should be calculated according to the total amount of cementing material.

   Through the above content, I hope everyone will be careful when working in production in the future! Prevent all unsafe factors from happening. Try to use the water reduce agent mother liquor from Dongke reasonably.

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