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What is superplasticizer?

Superplasticizer is a kind of concrete admixture which can reduce the water consumption of mixing under the condition that the slump of concrete is kept basically unchanged. Most of them belong to anionic surfactants, such as lignin sulfonate and naphthalene sulfonate formaldehyde polymer.

After adding the concrete mixture, it has a dispersing effect on the cement particles, which can improve its workability, reduce the unit water consumption, and improve the fluidity of the concrete mixture; or reduce the unit cement dosage and save cement.

Polycarboxylate water-reducing agent is a kind of concrete superplasticizer (water-reducing agent) with the most cutting-edge, the highest technology content, the best application prospect and the best comprehensive performance in the world. Polycarboxylic acid-based high-performance water-reducing agent is a compound product of carboxylic acid grafted multi-component copolymer and other effective additives.


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