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Where can i buy superplasticizer?

If you want to purchase best quality superplasticizer,you must choose a company that they manufacture superplasticizer for many years,they could offter professional help and best market information.

Beijing dongke is a large-scale joint-stock enterprise with more than 15 years rich experience in manufacturing and exporting business; Main factory is located in Fushun City covering 150 acres with branch companies located in Beijing, Fushun, Qingdao, Hangzhou and Tianjin, sales over all domestic China and more than 150 countries,here is website :

Where can i buy superplasticizer?

PCE monomer is easily soluble in water and has a good dispersion effect on powder materials such as cement. It can reduce the amount of cement and the water reduction rate can reach more than 30%.

This product has better slump retention and is excellent in the production of slump retention agents. Without changing the ratio of raw materials, it can greatly improve the fluidity and plasticity of concrete. This product is environmentally friendly and does not contain formaldehyde and other harmful ingredients.Superplasticizer Monomer.


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