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Cement admixtures

Cement process admixtures refer to the addition of a certain type and amount of admixtures during the production and production of cement under the conditions of greening, environmental protection and energy saving. Generally, the addition amount of admixtures should be controlled within 5%. Improve and optimize the performance of cement materials to achieve a process technology that reduces production costs.

The adaptability of admixtures and cement refers to a description of whether the quality of cement can be improved by using a certain amount of admixtures. Only on the basis of cost control and green environmental protection can it be put into use. Similar to concrete admixtures, cement admixtures are also an important indicator to measure the overall quality of cement.

At present, there is a very important adaptability problem between all kinds of admixtures and cement on the market. Further analysis is as follows: adding the same type and the same proportion of admixtures to cement with different quality properties will produce different effects. Therefore, different types of cement should use appropriate admixtures to ensure the overall quality.

In the process of measuring the effect of admixtures, fluidity and slump are all important technical indicators. The fluidity can usually be achieved by measuring the change in the fluidity of the cement paste. Therefore, this testing method has become an important way for cement plants and concrete units to test the adaptability of admixtures and cement.


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