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Cement plasticizer

Mortar plasticizers have been used in China in the 1960s. However, due to the restrictions of construction specifications, the research on mortar plasticizers is not thorough and systematic, and there is no consensus on some issues.

Moreover, due to There is no uniform quality standard and application technical regulations for mortar plasticizers. Later, the application of this product in engineering gradually decreased. With the development of material technology, the performance of mortar plasticizers has been greatly improved, and the development of masonry mortar is to incorporate mortar plasticizers.

Adding a mortar plasticizer to the masonry mortar can improve the workability of the mortar and replace the lime paste in the cement-lime mixed mortar. It has a certain meaning for saving lime paste and can solve the pollution of lime to the environment.

In cement mortar Adding mortar plasticizer can save cement, while using mortar plasticizer can improve the water retention, fluidity and cohesiveness of mortar, and can overcome the shortcomings of cement mixed mortar, such as easy explosion, large shrinkage and low strength. So as to ensure the quality of masonry. Therefore, the use of mortar plasticizers has significant social and economic benefits.

Any substance added to the polymer system that can increase the plasticity of the polymer system can be called a plasticizer. The main function of plasticizers is to weaken the secondary bond between polymer molecules, that is, Van der Waals forces, thereby increasing the mobility of polymer molecular chains, reducing the crystallinity of polymer molecular chains, that is, increasing the plasticity of polymers. , Performance is that the hardness, modulus, softening temperature and embrittlement temperature of the polymer decrease, while the elongation, flexibility and polymer increase.


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