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Concrete additives

As an indispensable part of the current construction industry, construction additives are becoming more and more indispensable in engineering and play an increasingly important role. Although our company’s main product is wax chemicals, construction additives, as another important chemical product, are also one of our company’s main products.

Our company’s additives are mainly divided into two parts

one is TPEC and the other is PCE. Although both products are part of building additives, there are still big differences between them. TPEC is a raw material for making PCE. It is a semi-finished product. It needs to be operated with related machines before it can finally become a usable and effective additive. Otherwise, it is just a raw material and cannot be processed in use.However, PCE is a finished product that can be directly applied to construction products. No other operations are required, as long as the appropriate ratio is exchanged.

In terms of packaging

the material of our TPEC is usually solid, and the packaging is mostly 25kg/bag. The selling price is also lower than that of PCE, so usually the MOQ of our TPEC is basically 1 ton. The types of PCE will increase. First of all, the state is not limited to solid. The state of PCE is mostly liquid and powder. The liquid products are mostly in barrels and cans, and the powder is mainly in bags. These are the differences in the packaging of the two products.

After introducing the differences between them, I will introduce the similarities between them. First of all, both products were born as products of the construction industry, and secondly, there are many derivative models of both products, which can play different roles according to different environments and requirements.

The above are the main differences and similarities between TPEC and PCE. People have different choices for different objects. Hope all can have suitable additives.

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