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What are the superplasticizer?

Do superplasticizer admixtures affect the strength of concrete?

Water reducer is a concrete admixture that can reduce the water consumption for mixing while maintaining the slump of concrete basically unchanged.

According to the chemical composition, it is usually divided into: lignosulfonate superplasticizer, naphthalene superplasticizer, melamine superplasticizer, sulfamate superplasticizer, fatty acid superplasticizer Water agent, polycarboxylate superplasticizer. What I am talking about here is the type of polycarboxylic acid.

We know that the strength of concrete is mainly affected by the water-cement ratio and water consumption. Small water-cement ratio (less water consumption)>large water-cement ratio (high water consumption); high strength>low strength This is a corresponding relationship. In the case of a certain amount of cement, the strength of concrete mixed with water-reducing agent is higher than that without water-reducing agent (the water consumption is less).

If the amount is too small or too much, it will affect the strength of the concrete. If the amount is too small, the water reducing effect will not be achieved. If the amount is too much, it is easy to cause segregation. The optimal dosage is based on the manufacturer’s recommended dosage (usually 0.8% to 1.3%).

It is necessary to try out the trial mix to actually know how much water-reducing agent affects the concrete strength. The main reason is that the early strength is greatly increased, and the 28d late strength is slow.

What are the superplasticizer?

As the main load-bearing component of the building, the cast-in-place reinforced concrete column has a very important position in the entire building structure. If the reinforced concrete column has a problem, it will not only shorten the service life of the building structure, but also have a very serious impact on people’s normal life.

Therefore, it is necessary for the construction personnel to carry out corresponding quality control during the construction process. At present, when we control the quality of cast-in-place reinforced concrete columns, we mainly deal with construction technology, process management, construction remediation and quality inspection to ensure that the quality of the building structure meets the requirements of engineering design.

Insufficient concrete strength is caused by many reasons, and it is not specifically investigated. The solution is to directly use Guwei GWZ820 concrete enhancer to solve it, effectively increasing the strength by 10%-40%. Guwei Concrete Surface Reinforcer is a water-soluble liquid chemical.

Through full penetration, it can generally penetrate 3-30mm on the surface of concrete. Its active ingredients can quickly chemically react with the free calcium in the concrete to form a gel substance. Increase the compactness of the structure, make the concrete surface form a solid entity, thereby greatly improving the strength, hardness and wear resistance of the concrete surface.


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