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How much to reduce water with superplasticizer?

Dongke Polycarboxylate superplasticizer is produced by our monomer. Our own factory located in Fushun, it’s near the Fushun refinery- which is also the source of raw material EO.

So when talking about the concrete superplasticizer, there’s 1 important index is the water reducing rate. The water reduction rate is the ratio of the difference between the unit water consumption of the base concrete and the concrete with admixture and the base unit concrete water consumption.

The water reducing rate of our hottest product DK-100 is 25%-30%. The influencing factor of concrete strength is the water-binder ratio (water-cement ratio). The smaller the water-binder ratio, the higher the strength. The method of reducing the water-binder ratio can reduce the water consumption and increase the amount of cementing material (cement). When the cement consumption changes, reducing the water consumption can also reduce the water-binder ratio and improve the concrete strength. The purpose of increasing the water reduction rate is to reduce water consumption, increase concrete strength, and reduce concrete cost.

So the customers prefer high water reduce, and also some for the slump retaining effects.Below is about the testing:


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