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Why to use a superplasticizer?

The role of concrete superplasticizer

  1. Without changing the ratio of various raw materials, adding concrete superplasticizer will not change the strength of concrete, and can greatly improve the rheology and plasticity of concrete, making concrete construction Construction can be carried out by means of self-flow, pumping, and unnecessary vibration, which can increase the construction speed and reduce construction energy consumption.
  2. Without changing the ratio of various raw materials (water removal) and the slump of the concrete, reducing the amount of water can greatly improve the strength of the concrete. The concrete increased by 60% and more than 20%. By reducing water, high-strength concrete with C100 grade can be poured.
  3. Without changing the ratio of various raw materials (except cement) and the strength of concrete, the amount of cement can be reduced, and the volume of water-reducing admixture of concrete mixed with 0.2% ~ 0.5% of cement quality can be added to save cement More than 15 ~ 30%.
  4. Adding concrete high-efficiency water-reducing agent can increase the life of concrete more than double, even if the normal service life of the building is extended more than double


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