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The compliment from my customer

Ms Hanlie is from South Africa and the first time I got contacted with her is on Apr ,2019. At that time she was only curious about the price of paraffin wax and not quite clear about the importing issues . so I sent you the paraffin wax specifications including COA ,MSDS and other docs for your reference . During our communication, we know that she is a an owner of small factory of paraffin wax candle which means that she was our target customer and at the same time that the quantity she need is not big . Before, she purchases from the local market and now she is not quite satisfied with the quality so she turns to Chinese market .

Until May, she still does not have any plans for the paraffin wax pellets because as she mentioned that she has to finalize the details of importing procedures including the docs required by her local government and customs clearing things .

Until June, i called her twice a week to know the progress of her importing things . she is not certain  about the customs clearing problems ,so we advise her to find an agent who will help her to  handle all things and will know better about the importing . so after two weeks , she confirmed the order . She did not have too much problems with the price ,once we quoted her ,the order is made . During the delivery , there are several steps which needs her confirm such as the consignee ,the docs required ,the CO, ETC . She will not reply me until she confirmed with her agent .

On Aug, we asked her the situation of the order and also any needs of new orders , she told me that right now the was is enough for her to use till December (she owns a small factory ) and any needs , will absolutely call me because as she said “:i have to compliment you , you are an excellent salesperson . It is pleasure working with you “. I feel so happy when get the compliments from her though it is not a big order ,she feels what we do for her .


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