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What is superplasticizer used for

High-efficiency water-reducing agent is also called plasticizer or dispersant. Its appearance is divided into water agent and powder. It is a kind of water-reducing agent that can reduce the necessary unit water consumption in concrete and improve its workability under the requirements of the specified consistency of concrete Admixture.

It is mainly divided into three types: air-entraining water reducer, early strength water reducer, retarding water reducer, and because of its simple preparation and low cost, it is widely used in various construction projects. High-efficiency water-reducing agent also plays a very important role. Let’s introduce the rabbit to you in detail.

Compared with other raw materials, although the amount of superplasticizer is small, it is very important for the quality of concrete. Therefore, during the construction process, the amount of superplasticizer should be strictly controlled, and the operation process should be in accordance with The regulations are strictly implemented to avoid accidents when configuring the amount of high-efficiency water-reducing agent.

At the same time, because the superplasticizer is corrosive when it is configured, if it splashes on the skin, it will have a strong burning sensation, so the relevant personnel should also do their own protective work.


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